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Hey @frollosuggestions….

Oh! Oh! OH! 


please come to Notre Dame and meet me in my bell tower posthaste I have a very pressing matter to discuss with you. 

special times for cat people


when they’re cleaning their feets and spread all their little toes out

when they smelled something weird and make a stinky face

when they walk up to you making little chirpy purrs of inquiry

when they get distracted by a noise mid-lick and a tongue blep occurs

when they see a bird and do that ekekekk thing

when they become possessed by the devil and tear around the house with demonic speed and then pause mid-vicious-attack of a scratching pole to whip their head around and fix you with their all-pupil stare of unhinged terror

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Hercules - “Herculade” Strawberry Rum Cocktail

“Drinking numbs the depression” - Hercules


  • Sleep


  1. Alcohol 

Follow for more magical Disney Recipes!

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I hope the goth dad in @dreamdaddygame’s son is an ennui riddled 200 year old 15 year old

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In other words, if you’re using an ATT email for your Tumblr account, you need to go change your email or you will pretty much be…


Well this sucks but I don’t want it catching people by surprise so signal boost I guess

what the actual fuck



Every State's Grossest Food That People Love




I am irritated to an almost irrational degree by this entire article that consists of “I HAVEN’T HAD THIS FOOD AND IT LOOKS WEIRD, THEREFORE IT IS MONSTROUS”

Like maybe four or five of them are gross?

They even try to call these long bean pods “scary” and compare them to “spiders” repeatedly. Holy shit fucking live a little or at least realize there are more than four foods in the entire world

Other things that frighten, confuse and disgust this writer:

-Fish but from a fish that’s very big

-Marshmallow creme, in general

-Fruit from a can (OF COURSE)

-Ham, but stuffed with greens

So many of these “gross” things are just ethnic dishes too…??

Scrapple is delicious and I feel very attacked by this article because of that.

My wife putting it much better than I could.

Idk if I am a person of virtue here though because in spite of LOVING and EVANGELIZING scrapple I also do love describing the process by which it is made because I know it squicks squeamish people lol



it’s just like, why are there cat emojis for loads of emotions as well as normal humans emojis


like, when do i need to express these emotions… but as a cat

they’re not for you… they’re for ME


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jus some d&d faves

The best part of the Sheet Phantom though, besides being undead, is that it wraps around you and turns you into a “sheet ghoul” which attacks by squirting a long stream of acid out of its nostrils. Also the original description says the Sheet Phantom may be an undead version of the Lurker Above.

“A bored wizard made this” is the best genre of D&D monster

I want some sort of random lore description of the Annual Mad Wizard Creation Contest, with prizes including but not limited to: Best Animal Combination, Best Normally Inanimate Object, Children’s Division, and Best Just Plain Weird.

That bottom one is a kind of Modron, which are creatures from the neutral plane of Law. That’s right, Triangle Man there is a creature of pure Law. D&D is on some weird shit.

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Here are some comics I made for this post. It’s a bunch of stuff about vaginas I wish I had known before it happened to me!


The last one killed me.

STOP lol




When we say that the United States is joining Syria and Nicaragua by not participating in the Paris agreement, I think it’s not fair to leave it at that, because neither of them refused to sign for reasons anything like the selfish ones of the United States.

Syria was under sanctions making it complicated to even attend, and on top of that were embroiled in intense civil warfare and not in a great position to make a commitment like that. They didn't​ disagree with it, but were never involved with the deal in the first place.

Nicaragua actually felt that the Paris agreement was not strict enough, arguing that they didn’t want to be complicit in a voluntary effort that didn’t properly allocate the responsibility to large countries for being the ones who poisoned the environment in the first place, nor impose a punishment on anyone failing to comply with the standards. Nicaragua is one of the countries that’s most affected by climate change but least responsible, and they felt that wasn’t fairly reflected in the accord.

The United States is the ONLY country that has rejected the Paris accord because of the belief that our environment is less important than our profit. Even oppressive regimes and the poorest nations in the world are smarter than that, or at least know when to keep their mouths shut and play along. The USA is not really in the league of Syria or Nicaragua, but alone in the refusal to cooperate out of pure greed.

I checked and it’s true:

Apparently Nicaragua is closing in on being 80%+ reliant on renewable energies which is one of the most impressive amongst nations, I believe I read somewhere.

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Fic 460: Late Night Operations


Ms. Pauling uses the mercs for the occasional side job. That means no respawn. Medic is the one who gets to fix things in the aftermath. Medic/Sniper

This is a short one, but  I hope you like it! There’s a little blood mentioned, but nothing too graphic.

“Do I want to know?”

“No. And even if you did, I wouldn’t tell ya.”

It was late. Far too late for any honest work. The windows of the infirmary black mirrors reflecting back the light above the operating table. Doves, disturbed from their sleep, cooed in quiet protest as Medic made his preparations. At this time of night the large surgical Medi-gun was completely powered down, leaving him with only his more traditional options.

“As much as you can, then.”

He kept his voice calm, even, and professional as one instrument after another was laid out on the tray. Retractor, forceps, scalpels of various sizes, needles, and suture thread. They shone brilliantly beneath the bright theater light; the tools of an artist, just waiting to be used. It was just a shame that they were being brought out for this particular canvas.

“Shot. Pistol at close range. I can still feel it in there.”

Sniper’s voice was calm and even as well. The consummate professional, even if he did have a tendency to urinate in jars. But there was an edge to it. Not surprising given the condition he’d been in when he’d quietly knocked on Medic’s door not twenty minutes ago. When he turned around, he saw the marksman’s long, calloused fingers white at the knuckles as they gripped at the edge of the bed.

He could have pressed harder for details. Sniper had his limits, for all his talk of professional pride, but he supposed it really didn’t matter. Whatever jobs Ms. Pauling brought the men of BLU in those quiet hours between the bedlam that was the Gravel Wars were between her and the Administrator’s hired hands.


“Just get it out, Doc.”

“Very well.”

Sniper lay back on the table. This wasn’t his first time coming to the doctor in the middle of the night, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Pipes rattled before finally letting water run into the wash basin where Medic prepped himself for the job ahead. A rarely used surgical gown was pulled from a supply closet and hands were washed in near scalding water before wrestling himself into a pair of gloves. For a moment he considered forgoing the mask, but decided against it. Arterial spray to the face was never fun.

“Heh, you almost look like a proper doc, Doc.” Sniper gave a weary chuckle behind him.

“And you will look like a proper corpse someday if you keep this up.” Medic chided. “This is becoming a bit of a habit. I took this job to get away from emergency surgery.”

Another weak laugh. “Ya took the job ‘cause you lost yer license.”

Any other place, any other time and Sniper would have earned himself a jab of a needle or the replacement of an organ, but Medic recognized distraction when he heard it.

The table had already been raised to its proper height and Medic looked down at his patient. Blood had soaked the blue shirt nearly black, and it clung to Sniper’s chest. What fabric wasn’t damp with blood seemed to be drenched with sweat; although, whether that was from the job itself or his body reacting to the grievous injury inflicted upon it was difficult to say. He pulled the fabric away gingerly, pausing when he heard a hiss slip through Sniper’s teeth as clotted blood resisted. Eventually, he managed to pull it away to get a look at the wound in Sniper’s shoulder.

It was as basic as bullet wounds came. A single pistol shot, likely fired in a blind panic as a machete swung down from above. That was really the only consolation at this point. Whoever had done this was undoubtedly dead.

Glancing up, he met Sniper’s eyes for the first time since he’d opened the bedroom door. They were damp with tears, no doubt from pain, and held the same apology he’d been wordlessly given every other time before. That his much needed sleep had been interrupted. That for a brief moment he had been afraid for the one man he cared about.

That he was reminded of how tenuous their mortal existence really was.

“Ready?” The weight of the scalpel felt good in his hand. Familiar. Comforting. Control.

Sniper tensed beneath him. “Yeah.”

“Deep breaths. I will make it as painless as possible.”


The Last Jedi marketing team: Finn and Poe? Well, you never know what could happen ;) Watch ;) and;) find;)out;)sweaty;)

Me, a queer who’s been dead inside for years: 

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i want to be given verbal encouragement by a dog who speaks in a deep otherworldly voice 

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I really miss @heavymedic-ask-konniwa ‘s cats…


“I’m A Working Person. That’s My Life”: A Q&A with Paul Ryan Challenger Randy Bryce


On June 18, Wisconsin ironworker Randy Bryce announced his campaign to unseat Speaker Paul Ryan with a campaign ad that instantly went viral. In it, he talks about his own battle with cancer and his mother’s needs as a patient with multiple sclerosis. He attacks Ryan’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act. And he presents himself as an outsider, populist candidate who can re-energize the Democratic Party. “I decided to run for office because not everyone is seated at the table,” he says in a voiceover. “It’s time to make a bigger table.”

At Payday Report, Mike Elk reports that Bryce has already lined up endorsements from the Milwaukee Building Trades, state Senator Chris Larson, state Representative JoCasta Zamarripa, and former House candidate Rob Zerban.

Though this isn’t Bryce’s first run for office—he ran for state assembly and state senate and lost both times—he may be just the candidate his beleaguered party needs. Not only is he running as a blue-collar progressive and well-known union member in a state with a storied history of labor politics and agrarian populism, Bryce could also be something of a unity candidate for Democrats. “Although he was a Sanders surrogate during the primary, he campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the general election and would have been an elector for her had she won,” Elk writes.

Bryce has one Democratic primary challenger so far: David Yankovich, who announced his candidacy on May 30. In this interview, Bryce explains to the New Republic his reasons for running and how he plans to win a district the Democratic Party hasn’t held since 1995. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Tell me why you decided to challenge Paul Ryan.

Randy Bryce:

I’m a lifelong resident of Southeastern Wisconsin. I graduated from public schools, went into the Army after that. When I came back, I was diagnosed with cancer and I didn’t have insurance, and now it’s considered a preexisting condition. I worked sometimes two full-time jobs to make ends meet. Finally, I joined the union, the Ironworkers Union, which had an apprenticeship. I got my journeyman’s card and I’ve been doing that for 20 years now. As I drive through the district I can look and see, “I worked on that, I built that.” So literally I spent the last 20 years of my life building the district. Looking over at Paul Ryan, I’m wondering what he’s been doing.

Things have been taken away from us. Autoworkers used to have a lot of great-paying jobs building cars. Right now they’re tearing down the UAW plant—the General Motors plant—in Kenosha, there’s a huge abandoned facility in Janesville, and some of the best-paying jobs in Waukesha County are going up to Canada.

People are working harder these days and having less to show as a result for it. Paul Ryan hasn’t been in the district for a town hall in over 600 days and it’s time to make a change. If I can’t perform my job I get fired at work. And it’s time to get someone who can do the job Paul Ryan was hired to do.

How will your experience with the union influence your campaign?

Randy Bryce:

I see this as an opportunity to create stewardship, to look out for the rest of the people in the community. Just like I’ve done as a member of the union’s executive board. It’s about taking care of people, and making sure that they’re heard, and that people are treated fairly. Nobody’s been heard, and that’s the biggest complaint right now.

Donald Trump won an area in Kenosha that had traditionally been Democratic, but people are waking up and they’re seeing that it was all talk. They have buyer’s remorse now. I’m a working person, I don’t play one in a video. That’s my life, and I’ve always stood with working people. That’s where I’m coming from. The majority of the people in this district are working people. They’re not corporate donors, and that’s who Paul Ryan’s been spending most of his time with.

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