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Concept: a side scrolling action adventure game where you play as the Devil - except you’re like the classy, Vincent-Price-in-a-swishy-cape Devil. The muscle-bound, profanity-spewing, Todd-McFarlane-looking asshole Devil is the antagonist you have to beat in order to reclaim your throne. Your super move would turn the graphics monochrome and add simulated film grain like an old-timey horror movie.

question: can other devils be involved too? how does corporate ceo “trying to make hell as efficient as possible” devil fit in? what about ultra stereotypical cloven hooves ram horns pitchfork devil? The Tasmanian devil? rick astley’s “dance” devil? woe is me, gods the real asshole devil? shoulder size devil? dust devils? the new jersey devils?

“Corporate CEO Devil” and “whiny Miltonian prettyboy Devil” would be minions of the usurper that you fight as lesser bosses along the way. “Goofy cartoon pitchfork Devil” would be the obligatory obnoxious merchant NPC.

(No comment on the New Jersey Devils.)

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