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things to remember when reading a callout post




  • screenshots can be forged easily in photoshop
  • how old is the person being called out? adults hounding a teenager over saying something dumb they’ll regret in two years… it’s not cool, folks.
  • there are xkit mods that let you modify someone else’s post in a reblog, but most people don’t know about it, so make sure that you view any “incriminating” posts on op’s blog
  • does the person who wrote the callout have any reason to lie? (for example, a personal disagreement)
  • what’s the context?
  • ^^ a couple months ago i saw a post calling out someone for “fetishizing trans men,” only to check the accused person’s blog and see that he was a trans guy himself, who made a lot of positivity posts about his body type.
  • how old is the post?
  • did the accused person have a chance to apologize or address the concern before the details were exposed to thousands of strangers?
  • what’s the purpose of the callout post? is it just to say “this person is bad and you should hate them,” or is it to say “this person has been sending slurs and violent death threats to bloggers in [x] group, here’s some reasonable proof, please block their url for your safety”?

Hey friends we talked a little bit about call out posts here so here’s a handy guide

I think the last point is actually the important thing?

Because at the core, if your callout post is a post calling for people to come in and deliver “just” violence onto someone (and I use just with the most massive sarcasm quotes ever)?

You’re an asshole.

The whole point of callout posts is not to bring “retribution” onto “evil doers”, it’s to warn others to not get fucked over by predatory shitheads in our communities.

Basically, it boils down to this: Are you trying to protect someone by giving them the chance to make an informed decision? Or are you trying to harm someone. however much they seem to “deserve” it?

I wonder how my neighbors feel about how I am wearing ski mask in my own home...




Not even sorry.

Oh look, I’m a stock photo.

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*bees dancing to communicate*

bee cop [breakdancing gently]: im sorry, your wife is dead

bee [twerking]: no… how could this have happened

bee cop [moonwalking]: she was eaten by a bird. it was quick and painless


I think I’m just gonna go back to my “sports are mostly for assholes” teenage nerd attitude after literally thousands of sports fans just destroyed part of a major city because they liked how That Ball Get Kick Good. Not even gonna get into the fact that police broke out more violent tactics against completely peaceful protests (except I just did) or the president’s recent words tying sports into patriotism and even military loyalty (JESUS) or the billions of dollars that get sunk into Ball Get Kicked instead of science or medicine or people in need.

The “industry” surrounding sports needs to die. Sports should be something kids and friends do to relax not a miniature intranational war.

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I love this man so much

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Some valentines for that special junker in your life 💕

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This is potentially life saving information everyone should know.

No you guys this post helped me find my cat. He was missing for almost a month and I’ve had him for over 12 years. After seeing this I put his favorite blanket he always slept on outside hoping he would smell mine or his scent and he was back the next fucking day asleep on it.

When my cat got out, we called and called for him, and then, later that night, I remembered similar advice to this, and so put his little scratching pad, which he adores, on the front porch. Not even half an hour later, I heard a thump, opened the door, and there was his big butt, meowing at me.

Reposted bycallas callas




Today is a national holiday!  On this day, Mewtwo was born. Happy birthday Mewtwo!


life hack: u dont have to be a wolf to yell sad noises at the moon

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demoman mouths “post-coitus” like he doesn’t know what it means


I for one volunteer to teach him

Rebound - Scrunchles - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]



Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Junkrat | Jamison Fawkes/Roadhog | Mako Rutledge
Characters: Junkrat | Jamison Fawkes, Roadhog | Mako Rutledge
Additional Tags: Exhibitionism, Divorced Mako, Mako is a Goddamned Sap, Rebound Sex, Multiple Orgasms
Summary: Fresh from his divorce, Mako meets a young man who seems all too willing to make him forget his misery.

Looking to score, Jamie ends up with a little more than he bargained for.

I posted a thing last night.

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Omg this looks like some sort of Fairytale Horror; like, a town with trees that have missing pets or people etched into them- coming off naturally enough to be dismissed as bark/tree discolouration

The framing of this image is just perfect subtle horror. 




“Look below, and I shall grant your wish.“

“Haha… Got’em.“

nsfw post 18+ only




im 16 so i cant even see this post let alone make it so this will have to wait two years

im 17 now only one year left til i make this post guys

i’m 18!


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Fucking vote people I swear to God

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